Death Valley

So Heather and I had the crazy Idea to go some place off the wall for her spring break. Both of us being closet science nerds, we opted for Death Valley on a whim. It was a bit of a bucket list type place for me that I never really thought I’d get to in my life, but a little push in the right direction and off we went. We drove down 395 which is worth it alone for the breathtaking views of the Sierra. The further South you get the younger the mountains and the less time erosion has had to wear on the granite, ergo a plethora of 13 and 14k peaks.

Death Valley itself is quite breathtaking; a massive low point with everything from vast salt flats, to sand dunes akin to the Sahara, to an 11k peak all crammed relatively close together. There are no shortage of slot canyons to explore and some absolutely sick mountain bike trails. Some people are desert people and they’ll appreciate frolicking in the dirt and seeing some truly unique geology. Even if you’re not there’s plenty to see from the car. One of the coolest things about DV is the dirtbagging potential. We slept in the back of the car to minimize costs and were able to poach the swimming pool and showers at will.

Over all it’s a crazy vast, desolate, harsh place that one must see to believe. It’s a crazy geological wonder less than 100 miles from Mt. Whitney. Highly recommended (not in summer…)

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One Response to Death Valley

  1. brthomas says:

    I agree, Death Valley National Park is a great place to visit in the winter and springtime! We hiked Golden Canyon and Mosaic Canyon on our last trip there. I’m looking at online maps of Death Valley to help plan my next trip.

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