Spring in California is a pretty radiculous time of year for a lot of folks, basically every activity imaginable is firing on all cylinders and it becomes tough to choose what to do at any free moment in time. Last weekend was such an instance where I had to decide between skiing, fishing, biking, climbing, you get the idea. I settled on the fly rod an skis and couldn’t be more stoked. We went from swinging up big browns on streamers to harvesting perfect corn high on Shasta in a matter of hours. Looking back I wish we’d had the camera out more but sometimes you’re just too busy in the moment to bother. I kind of like it that way, you ingrain the memories in your brain and are forced to repeat the actions in order to relive it. A few photo’s did make it out, enjoy and go crush it somewhere this weekend. Shad are in the rivers, big browns are hungry, more climbing is becoming available every day, the biking is excellent, and there’s a couple of volcanoes not far away that are primo!

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