Fall is here, or is trying to arrive anyways. After riding a desk for the last few months I decided enough was enough and gathered up the lady friend and headed for Bridgeport. Laryngitis and work be damned, we hit the road with a few different goals in mind. Unfortunately they were cut short by illness but we still had a good time for a few days on the East Walker before limping back to Sacramento fueled by advil and pseudofed.

It was a nice change of pace as fall usually means a frantic steelhead fueled existence that consists of too few trips and too many missed opportunities. Flows were pretty meager as the East Side had a dismal winter. Additionally with the reprieve of cool nights came our perfect timing of catching the moss die off. Cleaning flies every few casts, all part of the fall experience.

Anyhow we caught some fish, marveled at some granite, and hacked and coughed our way to a fun time.
Heather was on her second day with a fly rod, and did quite well. She’s got the nymphing gig dialed and even hooked a fish or two on streamers. I’ve put her in a pair of my beat up Redington Sonic Pro waders and so far she’s given them a run for their money, slipping and sliding her way through several watersheds, and to my surprise, no leaks. Pretty damn impressive.

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with a photo, the angle just sort of worked out, for me anyways. Heather’s first Brown, and first good fish, tape measured at over 21″. I would have instructed her on how to hold a dandy fish like that for the camera but for some reason I wasn’t quite expecting it 5 casts into the trip.
Luckily she hasn’t killed me yet over the picture.



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One Response to Firsts

  1. Reagan S Anderson says:

    No problems with the picture! Beautiful fish & well the scenery is spectacular! (I mean that in the most complimentary & sincere way!) Keep sending pictures like this…of the fish. R

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