For now I’ve got about all I can handle on my plate, but if you’re interested in any writing, photos, or consulting I’m happy to entertain your thoughts.

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  1. Aaron—I just received the February 2012 of California Fly Fisher magazine. i noticed Keine’s “Fly Fishing Is Our Passion” ad on the back cover. I am involved with Sierra Fisherman magazine and one of my responsibilities is the Pro-Tip column in each issue. If you’re not familiar with it, the current issue is on-line at …page 35.

    Would you or someone on the staff be interested in contributing a 150-175 word “Pro-Tip” for the spring 2012 issue? The topic is fly fishing high flows of spring.

    There is no pay, we’ll list your name and e-address and/or website or blog.

    Please et me know. I’d need it by the end of this month.

    Frank R. Pisciotta

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